Gay Tokyo, one of the earth’s most significant & most vibrant metropolises, is actually a crazy combination of past, existing, and potential that intoxicated tourists unfailingly.

For LGBT visitors, you have the further selling point of having Shinjuku Ni-chōme, the densest gay club region in the arena, with over 500 bars, clubs, saunas, plus. Are you willing to expect something less in the most significant area in the world?

The beating center associated with the homosexual scene in Japan, this iconic LGBT neighborhood is very Japanese: discerning, compartmentalized, often smaller than a cruiseship cabin, and enthusiastic about order.

We all know bars are usually divided in to lgbt, from time to time with leather/ bear bars – but Japan has taken this to another amount. Envision taverns for Gaisen (a Japanese homosexual man drawn to overseas, typically white, males), for all with rugby fetishes, lovers of more mature males, and simply people who enjoy oral sex or
undies kinks
– yes, Gay Tokyo certainly has anything for all!

Regional attitudes, but suggest many people from other countries can just only sample, just a few as personal friendships with people and tight Japanese-only policies dictate who is able to enter. It might seem this is exactly xenophobic – as well as being – but it is, in huge component, to protect users from becoming judged by unknown standards.

Japan is much like no place otherwise on the planet, and as those who have visited prior to will understand, they do things extremely in another way here. Luckily for us the continuous financial stagnation in Japan made the nation – together with homosexual scene of Tokyo – much more open to foreign people, and there commonly numerous homosexual hot rooms, pubs, and groups that actively welcome non-japanese to their center.

Homosexuality hasn’t ever already been prosecuted in Japan – it wasn’t thought about a sin, just shameful. Nowadays, – despite current fashions of threshold and honestly homosexual places in cosmopolitan places like Tokyo,
– a lot of queer Japanese still conceal who they really are.

Becoming gay can be nevertheless regarded as your own option, although homophobia is actually unheard of, Japanese community views becoming homosexual as not at all something getting flaunted or openly talked about.

This live-and-let-live mindset – provided external looks are preserved – towards LGBT men and women now’s actively blocking gay liberties in Japan. There isn’t any governmental and personal frisson to push circumstances onward, comparable to

You will find few openly homosexual lawmakers, celebrities, or internet marketers, additionally the nationwide eating plan has actually however to do this on such as sexual direction in the united states’s civil-rights rule.

Same-sex marriage is certainly not appropriate in the nationwide amount. However, Shibuya District in Tokyo has gone by a same-sex collaboration certificate bill to recognize same-sex partners as comparable to those hitched under federal legislation.

Taiwan presently leads Asia in LGBT rights, along with the developing energy and grand plans of Tokyo Pride, we hope this may encourage Japanese society and lawmakers to talk about defenses and equality for all citizens.

Despite this, homosexual tourists to Tokyo – and Japan – are extremely not likely experiencing any discrimination regarding intimate tastes. With a dazzling gay scene – and skyline, premium meals, more destinations than you could ever before hope to see, and a desire for completely every thing, Gay Tokyo is just one of the earth’s preferred locations.

Manner, pop society, and neon-lit streetscapes collide with cherry flowers, wood shanty pubs, and silent cobblestone alleys to be certain you may never end up being bored stiff in Tokyo – regardless of whether you will be seeing for some times, months or moving right here full-time!

In this post we shall cover…

Tourist attractions in Tokyo

Naturally, becoming homosexual doesn’t define which attractions most of us need to see in each area, and most queer travelers only will wanna have a look at top factors to see in Tokyo throughout the day!

Discover such doing right here – but we found our favorite memories had been wandering through, obtaining lost on right back roads, going to the odd cafes, hitting-up
, and roaming through concept studios! Still – it will help to own some notion of the proceedings, very here are the best things you can do in Tokyo, relating to you!

If you wish to deep-dive more into the neighborhood culture, you will find
airKitchen, an internet gay-friendly preparing course service
that gives people with a chance to visit normal Japanese family home’s to understand to make – immediately after which share food intake.

It really is Airbnb-esque, and the perfect way of getting experiencing the authenticity and heat of local Japanese folks. The preparing class selections tend to be since diverse as Tokyo it self: sushi-making, ramen, bento containers, and even vegan and vegetarian choices, among others.

Another of the finest recommendations we are able to present for discovering Gay Tokyo is to pre-order a travel SIM card for easy airport pickup and activation the minute you arrive which means you won’t shell out a fortune in intercontinental roaming fees.

Get restaurants referral and reservations on the fly, public transport guidelines up-to-the-minute, bar beginning hours, and, if it’s the thing – use of homosexual hook-up apps for more information towards regional world.

Mobile phone data is quickly, cheap, and offered all over the place in Asia, so it’s no wonder many travelers elect to stay linked and get from the beaten track (without actually ever worrying all about obtaining missing). So just why hold off?
Pre-order the very best neighborhood SIM card today
to have it available in Tokyo whenever you appear.

Things you can do  in Tokyo

Akihabara District

Otaku, in Japan, is normally a new individual obsessed with computer systems or particular areas of popular culture on the detriment regarding personal skills. In Akihabara, they discover a house with enough housemaid cafes, computer game shops, and cosplayers stores. For a far more female-centric version, drop by Ikebukuro, in which butler cafes are all the anger, in conjunction with indie shops for anime and manga.

Mario Go-kart Adventure

Head out on a
real-life Mario Kart tour
through busy roadways of Tokyo. Nothing is that can match it in this field, and besides having your center working and adrenaline working – you will most certainly become top man in Tokyo, with natives working when you only for a photo!

Ghibli Museum

See most of the stories of Hayao Miyazaki’s creative mind in real life and spot the well-known characters from this many movies. Unless you realize about
Studio Ghibli – designers of Spirited Away and Howl’s rolling Castle
– then you are really missing out! At Studio Ghibli Museum, you can discover concerning history and techniques of animation including check out the well-known roof garden.

Frequently sold out weeks and sometimes even months in advance, no tickets are ever sold at Studio Ghibli Museum, and you also want to reserve far beforehand in order to prevent at a disadvantage. In case you are a Studio Ghibli lover, you simply won’t wish to overlook this!


The entire world’s largest anime and manga reseller founded long ago in 1987 as an used manga provider, Mandrake today has morphed into Tokyo’s biggest seller of used anime and manga-related items with 25 branches in Tokyo.

My personal favorite is Mandarake Akihabara which can be disseminate across eight surfaces, with each amount focused on various memorabilia, manga works and artwork. Not for the faint of cardiovascular system, the center floor surfaces possess some pretty serious anime works that cross some borders (let’s merely state
Japan merely made the ownership of child pornography at crime in 2014
, and specific anime isn’t covered).

A time tablet of Japanese pop culture, a call with the claustrophobic aisle of Mandarake must be probably one of the most strange activities to do in Tokyo, so if you’re perhaps not mindful, you could potentially invest times here.

Harajuku Lane

The absolute most touristy spot in Tokyo, Takeshita-Dori, or Harajuku Lane, still is a silly action to take in Tokyo only for the insane selection of retailers and specialty shops focussed on strange manner items for primarily highschool women. Designated an adult entertainment-free place by local regulators, there are no pachinko parlors or dirty intercourse shops everywhere nearby.

Still, a lot of younger teenagers (or more mature) tend to be around showing the latest in crazy Harajuku fashion trends. Enjoy on perplexed as they each just be sure to outdo both with regards to peculiar dress, all while wishing lined up for all the latest soft-serve ice-cream sensation to open when you look at the way.

Tokyo Food Tour

There isn’t any doubt that Tokyo is a foodie urban area, but locating the best Japanese cuisine are an actual challenge among plenty solutions. We suggest you you will need to book a Tokyo Food trip to savor renowned Tokyo styles and culture with the aid of an area Tokyoite tips guide.

Take to yakitori (skewered BBQ chicken) streetside, Monja-yaki Japanese pancakes on place these were designed, or decide to try wagashi, a traditional sweet with some other tastes with respect to the season. Meals trips are probably the quickest method to understand an urban area, plus Tokyo, it is not an exception.

Tsukiji Seafood Market

The largest wholesale seafood and fish and shellfish industry within the entire world, you’ve got most likely been aware of the day-to-day auctions that happen at Tsukiji seafood Market around 5.20 am. From earth’s most high-priced caviar to cheap seaweed – you name it, and it’s obtainable here, serving the insatiable need for Japan’s fish and shellfish and sushi restraints.

An important tourist interest within its very own correct (and well-liked by jet-lagged vacationers), make sure you go very early as every little thing shuts early here – by mid-afternoon during the newest. Intentions to go the Tsukiji seafood marketplace before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo have been on the cards consistently but continually postponed considering problems across the brand new area’s hygiene.

Presently postponed in July or Autumn of 2018, make sure to check out the existing situation before moving out!

World’s Best Disney

Planning Disneyland is the exact same all around the globe? …Nope! Forget Harajuku; Disney hotel Tokyo is when you can expect to begin to see the total weirdest costumes ever before since teenager Japanese go all out and queue for completely every little thing (including to have selfies on blank walls)!

Watch while they get insane for curry popcorn (along with other unconventional types) which should be eaten from limited edition Disney Popcorn buckets, and all of outfit as twins in the same costumes (with similar comfortable toys!) in one thing called the

Osoroi Code


Sure the others in
, L. A.,
Hong Kong
, and
are superb, but DisneySea is utterly unique and not is overlooked!

Ueno Park

One of many original community parks in Tokyo, Ueno Park is actually a unique move to make in Tokyo properly since it is relaxing and not intimidating. On a weekday, simply take a wander around, seize a coffee at probably one of the most beautiful Starbucks stores worldwide and relish the people-watching.

Its rare to get such big, available area in Central Tokyo, and plenty of family members understand it. They show up not only to visit the world-class galleries surrounding the Park or even to begin to see the panda within Toyko zoo but to relax in the wild and take pleasure in a peaceful area when the sunlight is shining!

Infinite Sake

Only in a country like Japan do you really be permitted to flavor 100 different kinds of benefit with an all-you-can-drink benefit treatment. Happening nightly at the Kuranda Sake Market and insanely favored by locals – be sure to book in advance and BYO meals with this 6-hour epic odyssey to locate all sorts of sake possible that probably won’t stop well.

Perfect for starting a night in Gay Tokyo, it is a tremendously social environment, thus even if you’re by yourself, you’re nearly going to leave with pals at the end!

Shibuya 109

Young teenagers in Tokyo might visit Harajuku to display off their unique crazy posts, but it’s likely that they ordered them from the Shibuya 109 Department Store. A mecca for all fashionistas seeking to launch their particular interior Harajuku, this one is much cooler than cool, with ten flooring and most 120 shops all blaring J-Pop and vying to suit your interest.

At Shibuya 109, it seems each store attempts to outcompete one other the craziest concept, and its particular clients take in it. A kitsch neon maze, you might be often planning to like it or dislike it, but you should really look to choose. Close by may be the lesser-known 109 guys, an equivalent idea for men but much less intense.

Tokyo Computer Game Arcades

While in the Western world, arcades went ways of cassette tape and hammer trousers, in Japan, they’ve been however big business. Tokyo Video Game Arcades are not only for kids either; pop into a arcade around lunchtime, and you may see row upon row of businessmen all obtaining their own fix before heading to operate.

Most have several degrees filled with equipments addressing everything, from horse rushing to dancing to subway driving.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Strengthening

Based out of Shinjuku, this gargantuan complex features kindly established observatories both in of the 243-meter high towers offering incredible and complimentary panoramic views of Tokyo – and also to
Mt. Fuji
on an excellent day. Beautifully crafted by esteemed architect Kenzō Tange, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government strengthening # 1 still is the third-tallest building in Tokyo at 243 m!

Robot Restaurant

It has reached become craziest, weirdest, the majority of unconventional, and most strange move to make in Tokyo, hand down. The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is among those actions you simply can’t explain, it entails the most significant programs in the world, high-tech lasers, dino-robot struggles, fireworks, flashy performers, and.

In the event that you only do one thing in Tokyo, we beg one to enable it to be this – regardless your age!
Book your seats ahead of time
since there is minimal seating, and book the drinks deal for¥100 extra (¥500 if not).


A major commercial and business heart in Tokyo, there clearly was more to Shibuya than just the Shibuya Crossing. an activity hub and the place to find the flagship shops really affordable intercontinental fashion companies, you will find everything that produces Tokyo unusual in just a couple of obstructs.

Packed with purchasing, eating, and nightclubs, Shibuya is very safe and brilliantly lit by neons 24/7 – and does not have similar seedy experience as Shinjuku in the evening. Eat, drink, and get merry; if you’re previously wondering how to handle it in Tokyo: Shibuya may be the response.


Theoretically maybe not in Tokyo, but it’s close sufficient to
hire a vehicle in Tokyo
or make use of the
JR Rail Pass
making a brief visit may be the interesting Imperial hotel community of Nasu. Famed throughout Japan as the place to find the Imperial Retreat, we mere commoners are increasingly being liberated to take a trip here and take pleasure in their marvelous character, odd attractions, as well as the most readily useful hot springs near to Tokyo.

There can be also a dinosaur lodge, an alpaca farm, lion eating, snowboarding, therefore the most readily useful strawberries in Japan. Look for right here plenty more
activities to do in Nasu
, if you’re adequately intrigued!

Gay Things You Can Do In Tokyo

CoCoLo Cafe

a gay cafe in Tokyo acts cakes, beverage, coffee, and welcoming vibes at an acceptable rate. While Gay Tokyo may be the majority of live during the night, head right here to obtain a taste from the neighborhood scene, or enjoy coffee and admire the art.

Alamas Cafe

Another homosexual cafe had because of the exact same folks as AiSOTOPE. Start for lunch until belated with tasty as well as fantastic people-watching.

Lumiere / WearEverXXX.Tokyo

The 2 most widely used homosexual shops in Shinjuku Ni-chōme promote lingerie,
sex toys
, films, and more.

Tokyo LGBTQIAP+ and Followers

Popular on line team internet hosting English vocabulary discussions of the latest gay activities and events in Tokyo. Feel free to join if you are going to stay in Gay Tokyo for a longer period and would like to be held current!

Rainbow Events

an up-to-date internet based source of most future gay events in Tokyo. In addition they arrange some LGBT-friendly events and homosexual events in Tokyo.

Rainbow Reel Tokyo

An annual event in July devoted specifically to assessment homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer movies. Rainbow Reel Tokyo is one of the most important Asian online forums of intercontinental LGBT film/video, whenever your dates correspond if a means to enjoy a very advanced degree of gay existence in Tokyo.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride

An amazingly family-friendly event occured in Yoyogi Park in April. Although the organizers have big intentions to expand case toward most significant in Asia, Tokyo Pride shows in several ways Japan is in the rock era when just 7,000 folks participate versus hundreds of thousands in
Hong Kong
– and additionally European countries or US! Nevertheless, its amazing to see NGOs and brands acquiring up to speed because the event grows – particularly the procession that takes throughout the roads of Shibuya and Harajuku.

In a nation where modesty around outsiders is paramount and sexual inclination is not something you should be flaunted, we are able to only wish enhanced presence down the road assists brand-new generations of Japanese feel comfortable adequate to be exactly who they are.

Gay-Friendly and Gay Resorts in Tokyo

As Tokyo is just one of the more progressive and gay-friendly countries in Asia, pretty much every hotel in Tokyo can be considered gay-friendly, and nothing of our readers will discover any problems here – all things considered, being gay-friendly is not all about upscale luxury, but about supplying friendly service and inviting everybody else with available hands!

Tokyo is actually a worldwide mega-city with a shortage of space, so area dimensions are smaller than just about everywhere more on the planet – but as an abundance of homosexual males learn, it’s not about size, but exactly how you employ it! We are dealing with design, functionality, and opinions, darling!

Everyone loves to be surrounded by people who have common interests. As such, there are some famous gay-friendly places in Tokyo being hot areas for gay people to stay – either because of their area around the Shinjuku Ni-chōme homosexual community – the best place in which to stay Tokyo if you are searching for homosexual nightlife – or their layout and inclusive vibes.

This amazing resorts in Gay Tokyo have the ability to had glowing guidelines from gay travelers prior to now, however,
there are countless additional accommodations in Tokyo
if these are generally nearly what you are actually looking. Whether you would like a fun and personal hostel, an affordable spot to freeze after every night of partying or an ultra-chic designer solution to drink cocktails and surround yourself with fabulous individuals  – Gay Tokyo has something for all!

Gay-Friendly Luxury Hotel in Tokyo

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

Just a few minutes’ stroll through the gay part of Tokyo, the resort Gracery Shinjuku is often well known gay resort in Tokyo – and also the first choice for excellent service, modern design, and affordable prices.

Oh, and performed we mention the wacky Godzilla statue? A, next-generation hotel centered on delivering convenience, productivity, and convenience. You will find brilliant, small rooms, an informal Italian bistro, and a fun coffee shop with a terrace.

The Prince Gallery Tokyo â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

A luxurious resort in Kioicho, an area where Japanese customs and american tradition inter

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